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Welcome to Pawtropolis - your source for all things pets! Since 2001 our mission has been to create an environment where dogs and cats are safe, healthy, and mentally stimulated. Enriching activities – hikes, playtimes, pool time and much more – mean your pet has more fun and less anxiety. Pawtropolis’ trained staff consider the unique needs of your pet to ensure a pleasant stay. Our ultimate goal is to have every dog pulling their owners in our door and every cat looking forward to Kitty City!

Big Changes at our West Side Location!

2015 is going to bring big changes for our West Side Whitetail Way location. The week of February 2nd - 8th we'll be doing some major renovations. Because of all of the construction that location will be closed that week. Unlike other times when we close for the holidays, this time we won't be able to have any boarding or daycare dogs at the facility while construction is going on. Our wonderful East Side location will be open as usual. Staff will make it as easy as possible for West Side clients to get their dogs ready to attend the East Side for that week.

Due to the renovations, beginning April 1st there will be a slight price increase at the West Side. Prices will be set to match the current East Side location prices.

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Helping Paws Rescue - Adopt Me

Pawtropolis is proud to support Helping Paws Rescue.

Pawtropolis employees work to rehabilitate and train unwanted and neglected pets, preparing them for their new homes. The goal is to find life-long families for our foster animals. Several steps ensure a successful adoption for both the family and the pets.

The first step is to come and meet the animal that you are interested in. Pictures are great, but meeting the animal and learning about his/her personality is necessary to determine if this is the right pet for you.... More info here.

Our Core Values

We put the care of the animals above ALL else.

We create fun and happy experiences for clients.

We lead by example by being responsible pet owners.

We value the lives of all dogs by rescuing abandoned, unwanted and neglected animals.

We build trust with our clients by having high personal integrity and honesty.

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Athens Westside: 706-227-7887
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