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Noah-Adoption PendingNoah
A Little About Noah Noah was surrendered with several littermates to the Madison/Oglethorpe Animal Shelter at the tender age of 6 weeks. The previous owners reported that the mom was a "boston terrier mix" and that the dad was a "small collie mix" … Well, Noah looks like neither. I'd say he's a good ole fashioned all-american, Heinz 57 mix of a pup—the best kind! Based on his current size, I'd say he'll grow up to be a small dog, probably not more than 25lbs.

Right now, Noah is pretty much a clean slate. He can be the best puppy ever with proper training and socialization since he's still so young. In his foster home, he is currently working on potty training, crate training, basic house manners, and will be learning sit, down, wait, and come as well. Of course, what he enjoys doing best is playing and sleeping, as is the case with all puppies. He enjoys playing with toys, but he especially loves to wrestle with all his new foster doggie siblings. He's in a foster home with several other dogs of all ages and sizes as well as a cat, so he's going to be one well-rounded pup! Ask to meet sweet Noah—he'd be the perfect addition to just about any family!

NoahSmileEnergy: Puppy Energy
Dominance/Confidence Level: Moderate
Cats: Should be fine if introduced properly.
Children: Yes Grooming: Low

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Meet Jeffrey! Jeffrey is a 13 lb., 1-1.5 year old pug mix that came to us from Barrow County Animal Control where he was labeled as extremely shy.

Hearing that, we thought we were going to have a long road ahead earning his trust and showing him that the world is safe. However, it turns out that all he needed was to feel safe and secure in a home environment. He's actually turning out to be quite the social butterfly. He is still a little timid meeting some new people and you don't want to rush right at him, but once you let him come to you, he just wants you to pick him up and snuggle him. He's such a big sweetheart!

He's also proving to have a very silly side as well. He loves to romp around the yard with his curly tail just a wagging and then plop down under a tree to cool off. He also enjoys playingJeffreyFace with toys, rolling around upside down with them held between his paws. Because of his timidity, a home without very young children will probably be best, but older kids should do fine.

As we get to know him better we'll update his bio!

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This handsome fellow is back! He was adopted by a wonderful family back in July and he's a really awesome dog, but unfortunately it just wasn't the right fit for either of them. He was originally found stray by a good Samaritan and it was evident that he hadn't been well cared for. But Oscar doesn't hold a grudge. His former life doesn't seem to have had any effect on his very friendly and super goofy hound dog personality. We think he's a 2 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound or maybe American Foxhound, possibly purebred by the look of him.

Oscar is all hound and loves to run and play. He has a good deal of energy to expend, too and needs daily outdoor exercise time to be happy. He loves to chase tennis balls and just flat out run in that goofy hound way, so he'd love a home that has a big fenced in yard for him to enjoy. Because of his activity level, apartment living probably isn't for him. He also enjoys the company of other dogs, and does great in doggie daycare, but his real love is people. He's very affectionate and loyal, traits typical of hounds. He'll follow you everywhere and look at you with those beautiful, expressive eyes just wanting you to love him. He has shown to be too much for younger children, being too exhuberant for them, so a home with older kids or teens would best.

OscarFace2 Oscar's ideal family would include people who love hound dogs for what they are: active, playful, loyal companions that love to spend time outdoors and with their "pack." Come by Pawtropolis to meet this guy!

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Meet little Jester.

JesterJester is a super sweet bundle of fun! He came to us from Barrow County Animal Control where everyone commented on what a stellar temperament he had. And they were right! Jester loves everyone he meets, human and animal alike.

He's a young terrier mix, somewhere in the 1-2 year range, which means he still has lots of spunk and loves to play. He's in a foster home with four other small dogs that he loves to play with and he's not afraid to wrestle with bigger dogs, too. He's also a huge fan of squeaky toys. He loves to pick them out of the toy bin and run around the living room with them. He has a natural inclination to bring them back, too, so all you have to do is sit around and wait for him to bring them to you to throw. :) But, don't get the idea that Jester is all terrier energy. He's also a very sweet, snuggly boy and he loves to curl up and snooze just as much as the average dog. His favorite position is upside down.

Jester2 In the short time we've had him, we've noticed how attentive Jester is to his human caretakers. He watches your every move! This attentiveness translates into a very smart, very easy to train guy! His foster home is working with him on all the basic obedience skills like sit, wait, down, and come, but because he's so eager to learn, they are also working on clicker training him to do more fun tricks. Right now he's learning "shake," "sneeze," and "take a bow," but he'd be so easy to teach so much more! He'd be really fun to do agility with if you wanted to give it a try.

Jester is a phenomenal little guy that would do in pretty much any family looking for a fun companion. Come by Pawtropolis to meet this guy!

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Parker-Adoption PendingParker3
Parker came from Barrow County where he was picked up as a stray. He was listed as a shepherd mix at animal control, but his unique features make it difficult to know exactly what he is mixed with. Probably a little of everything! Parker is about 9 months old and he is about 30lbs right now. He is a little thin and will grow slightly more, but we think he will be no more than 45lbs when he is completely finished growing.

Parker is very friendly, always greeting people with a wagging tail and a few kisses. He is a big cuddle bug. He would sit by you forever if you were willing to pet him for that long. Parker lives with another dog and a cat in his foster home, and he gets along and plays great with both of them. He has goofy play style where he jumps around and falls over his feet occasionally. If he's not playing with his foster mom or siblings he loves to throw toys around by himself or lay down chew on a good nylabone.

ParkerSilly Training Parker is easy. He only wants to please you and will accept treats or affection as a reward. He was potty trained and crate trained after only a week in his foster home! He also knows how to sit and shake, and he is working on down and waiting for his food.

Parker is an awesome, playful, smart, easy going, lovable boy. He would be a great addition in a home with or without furry siblings, as long as he gets a little exercise every day. We all love Parker and we think you will too! He will melt your heart with his charming personality as soon as you meet him.

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Look how smart little Gigi is!

GigiSitAre you looking for a smart, motivated, leash trained (yes, she can walk on the ground on a leash,potty trained and crate trained CHIHUAHUA! Gigi is a very sweet girl that we are guessing to be between 3-4yrs old. When we first got Gigi from Barrow County Animal Control, they told us that Gigi had displayed some "snippy" behavior. Gigi's foster mom went to work on rehabilitating any possible behavioral issues that Gigi might have.

Gigi has made great strides is every area of her life and she even knows a lot of cute tricks. When Gigi meets new people that are nervous or unsure, she will growl and she has even growled at a child. Due to this, Gigi will not be a good fit for a home with young children. She is a dominant girl and she thrives in a very structured environment, meaning that in order for her to continue the progress that she has made, Gigi needs a home that will continue her training.GigiFace

Gigi loves learning new things and once she trusts you, she trusts you completely. Gigi is a dog that needs rules, boundaries, and limitations in order to remain the sweetheart that she truely is. We think that Gigi would be great at Rally Obedience or possibly Agility due to her love of working.

If you are interested in meeting Gigi, call Pawtropolis to set up a meeting. If you would like to meet Miss Gigi please call Pawtropolis at 706-227-7887 to arrange a time.

Energy: Low
Dominance/Confidence Level: Dominance: High, Confidence: Low.
Cats: If introduced properly, she should be fine.
Children: Due to fear, no children.

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Nadia wants to show off her training.

Nadia4Nadia is a super sweet, friendly dog who came to Helping Paws Rescue from Gwinnett County. She's a smart, playful girl who will work as hard as she can for a treat. She already knows sit, down, come, stay, how to wait at doors and for food, and how to walk nicely on a leash. She's also crate trained and potty trained. Given her extreme food motivation, I think Nadia would do great at a dog sport like Obedience and she'd probably have a lot fun with Agility. She has been through Pawtropolis's Pet Manners class and will hopefully begin the Novice Obedience class soon.

Although Nadia has lots of energy when the occasion calls for I and loves being activet, she doesn't require a ton of exercise every day. Thirty minutes of walking a day and maybe a hike in the woods once a week, with a chance to swim every now and then (she's an awesome swimmer, and loves it so much!) would keep her satisfied, but she is always ready for an adventure and is happiest when she's doing something with you or a doggie friend.

Nadia has lived with another dog who is a little larger than she is and a cat for about three months, and is great with both of them. For about a month she lived with the cat, the dog, and an 8 pound Shih-Tzu, who she loved. While she's great at one on one play with any size dog, Nadia loves rolling in the floor with the little ones, and is very good at playing appropriately with them. Although she's great with small group playing, she can sometimes become a bit overwhelmed in large group play, so adequate supervision should be used if she's taken to a dog park.

What really keeps Nadia in check so that she can be a fun dog is structure. When we first got Nadia, she was a bit of a handful, but with a little structure and some boundaries she has come a long way. We noticed that Nadia did show some signs of wanting to guard her food Nadia3from other dogs, but we've been working on this with her and she now waits patiently with her foster brother while their food is being prepared and can even eat next to him without getting upset. Although Nadia knows how to behave, she just gets so excited when meeting new people that sometimes she forgets that she's not allowed to jump up on you. We're working on this and she's already gotten a lot better at learning how to meet people politely. However, until this is completely worked out, a home without really small children would be best for her. Nadia's an awesome dog who would absolutely love for you to come meet her. She's looking for a family who's just as fun as she is and can help her be the fantastic, sporty friend that she wants to be.

Energy: Moderate to High
Dominance/Confidence Level: Moderate
Cats: Should do fine if properly introduced
Children: Older children or teens

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Mr. Dozer
Dozer4Does it get any cuter than this? Dozer is one of our newest rescues from the Madison Oglethorpe Animal Shelter. He was found running stray with a few of his siblings and had been at the shelter for about three weeks when we met him. When we saw his sweet eyes behind the kennel gate, we couldn't leave him behind. He was in a pen with an adult dog, trying to work out if he wanted to jump and play with us or continue to wrestle with his friend. He was a little nervous to be separated from his buddy at first, often submissive tinkling when we went to pick him up. After a few hours in his new foster home, he bloomed into a typical active, happy go lucky puppy. We think he's about 4 months old right now and approximately 25 pounds, probably some sort of boxer/lab/hound mix.

Dozer3He has a huge personality and loves playing with other dogs. He's still learning how to control his puppy energy when other dogs are tired of playing but he's quickly learning doggie language from his daycare playmates and foster siblings. He loves running around in the backyard and playing with his favorite toy, a plastic jolly ball. After a good romp, he can be found curled up in his bed sleeping the afternoon away.

Dozer is a very smart boy, having already learned sit and down during his first week with us. He's also catching on to potty training pretty quickly. He sleeps in a crate overnight and goes the whole night (8-10 hours) without accidents. Next, his foster mom will be working on leash walking and waiting for food and at doorways. Come meet this handsome little man today!

Dozer's Ideal Family: He's looking for a family with or without kids to continue his basic obedience and mold him into the perfect pup.

Energy: Puppy Energy
Dominance/Confidence Level: Moderate
Cats: if introduced properly
Children: Yes

Sponsored by Jan Pritchard.

Look how far Ellie has come.

Ellie5Ellie is a small black lab mix. We guess her to be around 3 years old. Ellie was found wandering in owner Amanda's neighborhood with 2 other dogs. Animal control was called to get them but Ellie was too scared to be caught. The other two were taken (one was adopted, the other euthanized due to health reasons) but Ellie was left behind. A wonderful lady (her sponsor) began feeding Ellie and befriending her. Ellie would allow her to pet her even rolling over to be submissive and get belly rubs. However, the second a leash was brought out Ellie would take off. With the help of a humane trap and a tasty bowl of food, Ellie was finally caught after several days.

Ellie is such a sweetheart. She bonds very tightly to the people she trusts. She is a bit shy and reserved but still very happy to meet new people. She’ll never be a typical outgoing lab but she will definitely be a love bug to her family and close friends. Ellie is a very low energy dog. Halfway through her walks she tries to convince us to turn around. However, we have found that she does enjoy a good romp with other dogs.

ElliePackWhen we first rescued Ellie she was pregnant. Because of that Ellie would occasionally growl at other dogs that approached her with too much energy. Now that her puppies are weaned she is increasingly enjoying the company of other dogs. She has made several good doggie friends and would do fine in a home with other dogs as long as we could help with the introductions.

Here she is with her foster family pack!

Ellie Update: Ellie is definitely moderate energy level instead of low. When we first got her, she need nothing but sleep all day which we assume was due to the shock of such a new environment and her pregnancy. After she weaned her puppies, we noticed that if she wasn't given proper amount of exercise, she got a little creative with how she expelled energy. Though she doesn't sprint around the house, if she doesn't get SOME exercise, 30-60 minute walk/run or even a 60 minute romp with her favorite dog friend, there will be a few sacrifices made in the shoe/clothing department. She is also extremely dominant with dogs and extremely submissive with people. As long as she is properly introduced to the dog she is fine, but I would say no dog parks for her unless you are confidant you can control the other dogs behavior as well. Knows sit, down and wait and very receptive to discipline.

Ellie's Ideal Family: A family looking for a calmer sweet dog that will easily transition into the home. Other dogs or no, Ellie would be happy. Very young children would probably be a bit scary for her but she has been nothing but sweet to the young teens she has met.

Energy: Low
Dominance/Confidence Level: Low
Cats: ??
Children: Older children or teens.

Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Childs! Thanks!
Thanks to Ellie's food sponsors: Jayne and Stan Bailey!

Harlan's Special Video

HarlanMeet Harlan- she is a very sweet girl originally surrendered to Gwinnet County Animal Control by her previous owners. When we first saw Harlan through the windows at animal control, she was very nervous and seemed pretty timid. Once we were able to interact with her in an open area, she ran right into our arms and snuggled in our laps. She had the sweetest eyes that melted our hearts.

From that moment forward, we were sold. Although she can still be wary of new people, she has come leaps and bounds since then. She is very polite, she walks well on a leash, is crate trained and knows plenty of obedience commands. She can have a few dominance issues with other dogs in a home but does well at parks when introduced properly.

For this reason, she will be looking to be an only dog in her family. She really is an amazing girl just searching for her perfect match. Ask to meet Harlan today!

Harlan5Harlan's Ideal Family: She is looking for a family that wants an easy transition but willing to work on confidence. She has had some resource aggression in the past with other dogs.

Energy: Moderate
Dominance/Confidence Level: Submissive with people
Cats: No
Children: Teenage or older children ok.

John and Keelie Weinmann in honor of their children: Robby, Lindsey, and John.

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